Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This blog is intended to explore some of the critical intersections between student affairs, education in the United States in general, and critical notions of "theory" as it relates to daily practice.

Along the way, we'll also discuss contemporary problems of social justice, and some general commentary on political issues. Above all, this is a passion project. But along the way, like minds will attract and we'll gain a deeper understanding of what it is that we do.

The ground rules are that conflict is encouraged - nay, demanded - and that you be willing to be wrong. We're not in the business of being beautiful academics, we're in the process of education, which may be messy but is above all dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. I'm operating under the assumption here that being smart, fearless, and honest are some of the finest qualities to aspire to. So, join me as we start this conversation - with the caveat that you know that dialogue is only the start to what we will do.

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